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iPhone biometric feature

Apple is famous for maintaining the frenzy and curiosity among its users for its product every year. The new model, new features every year we see something different in its generation. Undoubtedly Apple is a tech giant that brings new and unbeatable technology in the market. So what are we expecting next year?  As per


It has been a race of becoming the best internet and network provider between in almost every service provider. Be it Airtel, Vodafone or Reliance. One side Airtel is ready to spend ₹ 60,000 crores just to become the open network and to get feedback so that they can improve the network. And on the


When everyday technology started growing people were used to say that a day will come when people shift their house to the moon, this is the reality, though it is not like that simple as to sounds there is something which seemed impossible but the science and technology made it possible. Yes, we are talking


Finally, WhatsApp got GIF support. With the help, this new feature user can convert a 6 sec video in GIF file and send it. To send a gif file, the user needs to click on the attachment icon on the top right corner and click on the record video icon. Here the user will make


Bharti Airtel said on Thursday that its open network initiative is a serious one. Under the initiative, it has erected to almost 9000 sites and optimised 30,000 existing locations. You must remember under the initiative Bharti Airtel promised its users to give an open network and will seek their feedback for improvement. Airtel is always


Technology is growing every day. And with passing everyday internet is becoming as important to us as oxygen to human. After the internet the most integral part now a day is Wi-Fi, and it is omnipresent. But still, there is a place where still Wi-Fi is not available, and that is mid-air-flight. It is hoped


Every day in the morning we open our eyes we find something new has been launched in the technology industry and to be more precise in the communication industry. Couple of days back google rolled out its much awaited latest Android version i.e. 7.0 Nougat. Now you must be saying wow but when will I


Need a mobile connection? What Id proof you have? Driving license, Birth Proof, or any other? This is what everyone was facing to buy a mobile connection but now the time has changed now no need to get into all these lots of paperwork. Just say I have Aadhar card. Now apply and activate your


Love playing games, and love more playing on PC using the Xbox controllers. Now no need to use any dongle to connect your Xbox remote controls to connect to your PC with dongles. Because Microsoft is bringing Xbox wireless that allows the user to connect the controllers to PC without any wire or any USB


This Rakhi season Asus India surprised everyone with its new range of smartphones and proved everyone that they could make a mark in every segment. The tech giant was earlier known for its best quality motherboards than with the trend in the electronics and communication market they entered in the mobile sector and till last

513070-google-duo-min (1)

After adapting the web pages according to the condition of Indian internet, Google has just launched its video calling app “Google Duo” which has been adapted according to India’s internet state. Three months ago in I/O developer conference Google announced something which was in competition with Facebook and Skype and Google just launched it. Yes,


Update: Reliance Jio preview is expanding its hands to some more Samsung 4G LTE models.  This is including the newly launched Samsung J series. We have got the list of the LG phones that qualify for the offer include: K332 (K7 LTE), K520DY (Stylus 2), K520DY, H860 (LG G5), K500I (X Screen), K535D (Stylus 2


Accept it or not but at one point or the other in life we crave to click the right picture. And a good picture needs experience. Well, we know we all don’t have experience in photography because we don’t get that much of time. So if you still want to click good pictures you need


Every passing day every new thing gets old, but there is something in our life which is at least till date getting newer and exciting every day. Yes, we are talking about Pokemon Go. As we know everyone doesn’t have, the time or we can say everyone doesn’t want to play the Pokémon Go and


We all hear a lot of new rumours every day about Apple, its new products new features and new updates. Now just imagine life without WhatsApp. It’s dead and dull. But at times we feel this lazy that we even don’t want to type on WhatsApp, and we feel if we could do something that


Be Indian, Buy Indian! This is the slogan that lots of Indian companies are singing. But nobody has thought that an Indian company who is just four years old will get a funding of $175 million from Chinese Internet giant Tencent and the manufacturing firm Foxconn. The net worth of the company is $ 1.4


If we ask you the world’s most innovative place to work, what will you say? Maybe Apple, Google or may be Facebook. But for your surprise, we want to tell you that according to study conducted in San Francisco by an Indian-origin entrepreneur the most innovative work place is Microsoft. The study shows that the


It is like everybody is now entered a game of war. Hello games just created a new game named no man’s sky which is just been designed to let you travel and explore the universe with 18 quintillion planets. Company says that it is the game which is non-ending, meaning if u complete 4 planets


Science and technology competition is growing hard every day. Every day new inventions, discoveries are coming in and more over every day new technological products are coming on the market just to make are lifestyle better and more over the somewhere the competition between the tech giants is helping the consumer by increasing the affordability


It was time when science was considered to be a boon as it revealed a lot of things in front of us but Virtual reality could be a great help for those who have been waiting for a miracle to happen. A miracle that can make their disability an ability. Yes it is true, new

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