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looks of Turing Phone Cadenza

Just imagine A cell phone which is not hackable Have dual 830 Snapdragon chipset, 12 GB of RAM along Triple batteries and a hydrogen fuel cell No we are not talking about any Hollywood movie but yes we are talking about a phone named as “Turing Phone Cadenza” based on technologies which do not even


The pace with which every day or the other mobile phones were growing there segment it looked like people almost forgotten that laptops even exists. But Acer proved us wrong by launching a slew of products on pre-IFA 2016. The list included chrome book, curved display, gaming laptop and gaming monitors. This is not all

Montreal,Quebec,Canada-june 14,2012:Apple computers logo on facade window of Apple store in Montreal Canada.

Apple has added a new storage tier in iCloud. Now you can buy 2 TB storage at just $19.99 per month. This plan would not replace the previous ones as they would be still available, you can buy 50 GB, 200 GB, and 1 TB for $1.99, $2.99, and $9.99 respectively. Those mac and IOS

Using the gimbal's top handle

Do you love in making videos with your smartphone? But those unnecessary shakes break your heart? Then this is the time to bid goodbye to those shaky videos gets “gimbal”, which is a battery operated device having to neutralise those sudden movements. The end result is a smooth video. The Marsoar that comes with a

deo 1

Who don’t love music and if you have great speakers at your home than the experience is amazing. This the case with the new Bang and Olufsen’s wireless speaker place these speakers where ever you wish and enjoy 360-degree music projection. The company has added two speakers “Deo sound 1” and “Deo sound 2”. And


Lost in competition and rush to beat Apple and launching galaxy note 7 Samsung must have missed a few things that are the reason why Samsung has put a halt on any further shipments of note 7.Samsung has accepted the fact and confirmed that the phone requires further testing. Although the phone got all the lime


Since months we have been waiting for android nougat and everyone’s heart tiered apart when they heard about google is killing its nexus series. Because we all knew that there is time for non-nexus phones to come to India with android 7.0 but according to the report by Gadgets 360 LG V20 is all set

whatsapp sue

In our every days life we concentrate only one thing that is our privacy. Be it our financial information or be it our social media chats or account information. Recently the largest online messaging app whatsapp made everyone happy with the announcement of end to end encryption. Now let’s talk about the largest social networking

iPhone 7 Colours Rumour

Just imagine almost every ones first choice in mobile phones is  Apple iPhone which is considered to be the best mobile phone but 86% of iPhones are still vulnerable to a security flaw and can be hacked completely with only one text message. Yes, you heard it write nothing more then a text message and


Chinese market is quite famous for bringing Android-based knock-off of popular brands in the market. But now, it seems that HTC has chosen the same way. Though least expected from the makers like HTC but the report has it all. HTC is going to launch One A9 which practically looks like iPhone 6 and iPhone


After Volkswagen had declared $15 billion settlement program for the discontented diesel car owners about 50% of them had decided to take the money and leave. This seems the most favourable option especially when the owners were asked to wait for the fix there were about two lac ten thousand owners who registered themselves for

kent 2

The recent movie in Bollywood “The Flying Jatt” had a very stupendous message that we human are responsible for the pollution everywhere and where ever we are we need clean air to breathe taking the same message in a very serious manner Kent Ro systems has unveiled there all new and innovative product in car


Have you ever imagines Jarvis to be in your real life. Yes we are talking about the Jarvis from the famous movie Iron man or just imagine AI is doing everything for you. You reach home you don’t need to do anything and it just opens the door for you by just recognizing your face.

iPhone biometric feature

Apple is famous for maintaining the frenzy and curiosity among its users for its product every year. The new model, new features every year we see something different in its generation. Undoubtedly Apple is a tech giant that brings new and unbeatable technology in the market. So what are we expecting next year?  As per


It has been a race of becoming the best internet and network provider between in almost every service provider. Be it Airtel, Vodafone or Reliance. One side Airtel is ready to spend ₹ 60,000 crores just to become the open network and to get feedback so that they can improve the network. And on the


When everyday technology started growing people were used to say that a day will come when people shift their house to the moon, this is the reality, though it is not like that simple as to sounds there is something which seemed impossible but the science and technology made it possible. Yes, we are talking


Finally, WhatsApp got GIF support. With the help, this new feature user can convert a 6 sec video in GIF file and send it. To send a gif file, the user needs to click on the attachment icon on the top right corner and click on the record video icon. Here the user will make


Bharti Airtel said on Thursday that its open network initiative is a serious one. Under the initiative, it has erected to almost 9000 sites and optimised 30,000 existing locations. You must remember under the initiative Bharti Airtel promised its users to give an open network and will seek their feedback for improvement. Airtel is always


Technology is growing every day. And with passing everyday internet is becoming as important to us as oxygen to human. After the internet the most integral part now a day is Wi-Fi, and it is omnipresent. But still, there is a place where still Wi-Fi is not available, and that is mid-air-flight. It is hoped


Every day in the morning we open our eyes we find something new has been launched in the technology industry and to be more precise in the communication industry. Couple of days back google rolled out its much awaited latest Android version i.e. 7.0 Nougat. Now you must be saying wow but when will I

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